Month: November 2016

Liberals Aren’t Funny

I have never heard a liberal tell an original joke. I don’t mean that as hyperbole; I mean it literally, in the most literal sense of the word “literally.” Every joke a left-winger has ever told me I have already heard…

This Is the Exact Moment I Became a Trump Supporter

From the first Republican primary debate, when the candidates are asked to pinky-promise not to run an independent campaign if they lost:


Trump’s little peek-around to see if he’s really the only one, his confident wave, and the roaring boo’s that filled the arena immediately convinced me that this was a man worth watching. What’s great is that the media tried to get Trump with little “gotchas” like this that never even mattered because he kept winning so hard. Sure, he’ll accept the results. Because he’ll win.

The absolute madman.


Remember, remember,

The 8th of November,

The shill BTFO by Trump.

I know of no reason,

To not try for treason,

And lock up that blonde-haired old dump.

2 Parties is 2 Much

This shit doesn't make any sense.

This is America. A country built on success, and a lot of it. The American Dream is that of glorious victory. The Revolutionary War was us against the British. The war of 2016 is Donald Trump against cucks. What they…