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Healthcare Should Be Banned

Today is the day that Congress will vote on ObamaCare 2.0 the Remix ft. DJ Pauly Ryan. All eyes are on Donald Trump, who will without a doubt close this deal easily. That’s terrible for America. Trump ran on a…

Boycott the #FakeWeather Channel

Pictured: #FakeWeather

This week, conservative news group Breitbart came under fire for allegedly misrepresenting a video on climate change created by political oversight powerhouse (((The Weather Channel))). The article in question, citing a video on El Nino, suggests that recent trends in…

This Is the Exact Moment I Became a Trump Supporter

From the first Republican primary debate, when the candidates are asked to pinky-promise not to run an independent campaign if they lost:


Trump’s little peek-around to see if he’s really the only one, his confident wave, and the roaring boo’s that filled the arena immediately convinced me that this was a man worth watching. What’s great is that the media tried to get Trump with little “gotchas” like this that never even mattered because he kept winning so hard. Sure, he’ll accept the results. Because he’ll win.

The absolute madman.


Early Voting Should Be Illegal

Reviews: Overwhelmingly negative.

The tradition of voting in America is sacred. It’s a protected right of the people by the Constitution which has prevailed for over 200 years, even though some people have tried their hardest to corrupt it. Unfortunately there is an…

Hillary’s Faking It.


It’s a new week, and that means a new round of bullshit from the Clinton campaign. On Sunday, Hillary made headlines when video surfaced of her staging a pneumonia-induced loss of consciousness at a 9/11 memorial. While many conservatives are…