Healthcare Should Be Banned

Today is the day that Congress will vote on ObamaCare 2.0 the Remix ft. DJ Pauly Ryan. All eyes are on Donald Trump, who will without a doubt close this deal easily. That’s terrible for America.

Trump ran on a promise of “repealing and replacing” Obamacare, but I don’t think that goes far enough. What America needs is an outright ban on all forms of healthcare and insurance in general.

Insurance is the literal definition of a Ponzi scheme. Take car insurance for example. You pay in every month just in case one of those months you can get your car fixed because your wife tried to parallel park next to a fire hydrant and fucked up your door. Meanwhile, your money is going toward crackheads and drug dealers who fuck their cars up every month. But the people who get most of your money are the CEOs who don’t even have insurance because they don’t drive in the first place.

The same applies to healthcare. People who are healthy foot the bill for the drug addicts and pregnant women who “need” insurance. Healthcare is a charity system where you don’t get to write off your expenses at the end of the year. What’s the point of doing charity if I can’t even get anything out of it? Oh, every liberal witch doctor from University of Phoenix Medical School thinks we should have socialized healthcare? No shit, they’re like the CEOs who profit from it.

Here’s how you fix all insurance: no one is required to buy it until they need it. The first time you crash into a BMW because you were texting while giving your boyfriend a blowjob is when you sign up for a $50,000 loan to pay it back over 10 years. Whether or not you have car, you pay into this to fund other retards who think they can drive and suck dick at the same time. Meanwhile the hardworking man whose car you’ve ruined won’t have to wait to get a new one, because there are plenty of people already paying into the system. And they all deserve to.

Do the same thing for healthcare, and you’ve got an A+ bill. I’m not paying thousands of dollars into a service that I have literally never used just so kids can get shots and women can get recreational abortions. Make them pay for it! If I ever need it, I’ll pay my fair share too. But I won’t ever need it, because I’m a young and healthy man.

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