Trump Announces 35% Tariff on White Privilege

As rumors swirl around Trump’s transition team and cabinet picks, many are wondering what the first actions of the new president will be. While some have criticized the president-elect for allegedly “rolling back” on some of his campaign promises, he has held firm on his plans for international trade, notably a proposed 35% import tax on all foreign goods. Inside sources are now confirming that this tariff will include one of America’s most valuable commodities: white privilege.

White privilege, which accounts for a large portion of the American economy, was first invented in the late 18th century and popularized in fiction by unemployed millennials. Since that time, however, large corporations have moved the production of white privilege overseas, costing millions of hardworking Americans their jobs. By taxing foreign-made white privilege, the hope is that American companies will return to their previous way of manufacturing privilege right here in America, allowing American workers to assume that privilege at a lower cost.

Sources say that the proposed tax is a “near certainty” at this point, confirming speculation that the Trump campaign was run on an effort to literally capitalize on white America. Those sources report that the privilege tariff is an effort to not only bring back more white people’s jobs, but also to increase the quality of privilege consumers have available to them here in the states. With the recent abundance of social justice warriors and cucks in general, the benefits of white privilege have decreased considerably. Insiders in Trump’s transition team report that this tax is seen as a compromise intended to quell racial tensions, as it is the closest they can get to taxing people directly for just being white.

It’s worth noting, however, that this tax will apply specifically to privilege, not outright racism, due to the fact that racism is still 100% produced in America at the offices of the DNC and mainstream media.

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  1. black pride
    November 29, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    you’re a fag lol.

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