Westboro Baptist Church Joins Trump Protests: Will Liberals Disavow?

(Spoiler: They won’t)

The Westboro Baptist Church, one of the largest and most active hate groups in America, is notorious for its extremely anti-Semitic, homophobic, and disrespectful demonstrations. It is described by the Anti-Defamation League as “one of America’s most reviled hate groups.” So surely, any self-respecting liberal would do anything to avoid association with these terrible people?


Wrong, they like it.

By the laws of logic set forth by liberals during this election, refusing to disavow the support of a hate group makes you an associate of that group. We saw it when the KKK “endorsed” Trump (which was quickly met with disgust and disavowal by many supporters). Unless of course, that group is supporting your cause and you happen to be a liberal. Then, it’s just “awkward.”

This is the most blatant case of liberal hypocrisy I have ever seen, and if it isn’t enough to convince any sane person to disassociate with their insane identity politics then I don’t know what is. No Trump supporters thought it was “awkward” that the KKK showed support for our candidate, President Trump. We thought it was terrible. We refused to acknowledge it, because we know these intolerant groups don’t deserve the attention.

This is not something to joke about. Any protesters need to disavow the Westboro Baptist Church instead of proudly sharing your similarities on Facebook, just like Trump supporters did with the KKK. It wasn’t hard for me to say, “I do not agree with the KKK’s support of Donald Trump.” Refusing to ban them from your protests is, in effect, reaping the benefits of their publicity for your own cause.

Unsurprisingly, not one anti-Trumper has made any denouncement of this group. On the contrary, they handspring into a mental gymnastics routine like a bunch of Russian girls. I’ve compiled some great examples of liberals bending over backward in an impressive display of hypocrisy in an attempt to defend the WBC and justify their existence in this segment of…

Facebook Bullshit: Coming to terms with the fact that you’re a terrible person


This is so funny I’m crying-emoji twice.


A hate group is a hate group every day.3

This is called “cognitive dissonance.” You don’t want to feel like a fascist, but deep down you know you are.


Imagine saying the same thing about the KKK: “Aside from the lynchings they’re great for a little comic relief.” These people are sick.


This is the classic self-defense mechanism of “Saying two completely conflicting things in once sentence.” It is a backbone technique of propaganda.


Definitely disappointed in yourself.


This is a good explanation: we don’t hate him for the same reasons, he’s just so hateable that anyone can hate him!


The Westboro Baptist Chuch says on their website that “The only true Nazis are fags.”


Sounds like the basis for all these protests


Ah, the classic defense of “doing it ironically.” It’s just a social experiment, bro!


Bernie still has a chance!


(Spoiler: You’re not)

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